SMASH! 2014: Cosplay Favourites

It's been awhile!

After attending so many Cosplay competitions I am continually disappointed that sometimes the best costumes are the ones lurking around the grounds who didn't even enter the competition.

Fear not!

Here are my picks from SMASH! 2014 from Day 1 only who I have prestigiously crowned as my favorites based on completely subjective criteria that I simply liked it... deep I know.

Best in Show

I have NEVER seen a Cosplay like this.

This is epic.

The amount of effort, detail and sourcing the materials to bring this character to life is nothing short of impressive. As well as flawless costume makeup. Bravo.

Adjutant from Starcraft 2

Best Wings 

 Victoria's Secret watch out... giant wings, buckles, gold bustier & impressive headgear? TICK!

Angewomon from Digimon 

Best Batman

 How could this not get a mention?

Batman from na, na, na, Batman!

Best Nostalgia

One of the most memorable movies from my childhood is Space Jam, which managed to get the 2 massive stars from different dimensions Michael Jordon AND Bugs Bunny. Ahhhh fond memories.

 Bugs Bunny from Space Jam

Best Group

What's better than one Deadpool, a trio with matching flags offering hugs!



Best Sweaty Costume

The sweaty is an assumption. But just think going a big event with a massive onesie. Have to admire the dedication!


Best Headgear

Epic and extremely heavy.

Goddess of the Sun Amataresu from Cardfight! Vanguard

Best Street Style

I couldn't figure out if this was from an Anime or simply the Japanese Street Style of Shironuri consisting of white makeup. I've clearly assumed the latter.

Japanese Street Style - Shironuri

Best DIY

To the untrained eye, this may look like Tennis Balls. Due to the weight, this costume isn't actually feasible so each ball has been 'made' out of foam balls. I am so impressed with how this was executed.

Omiko Hakodate from Kill la Kill

Best 'Vintage' Cosplay

And by vintage I mean the 80's. This is THE villain as I remember from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, don't let that splash of royal purple fool you, he was still scary.

Shredder from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Best Guy Rocking Undies

Let's face it, Superheroes where undies over tights this was back in the day before Hollywood tried to make their outfits more fashinonable. Pfffftttt, it's less common to see guys brave enough to rock the 'vintage' costume - so bravo Wolverine!

Wolverine from X-Men

You can check out more geeky cosplay coverage here.

I attended SMASH! as a media guest.

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