Interview: The X Factor Australia Contestants

Well, time truly flies.

Back when it was only the Top 10, the numbers have dwindled and currently we stand at only 4 contestants left standing, which has perfectly worked out to be one from each team:

Dannii Minogue (Groups) - Brothers 3
Natalie Bassingthwaighte (Under 25 Males) - Dean Ray
Redfoo (Over 25's) - Reigan Derry
Ronan Keating (Under 25 Females) - Marlisa Punzalan

Thanks to Olay and their latest, the Regenerist Luminous range, myself and fellow bloggers, Nicola and Brittany got to have a chat with the contestants.

What made you decide to audition for the X-factor?

Caitlyn: You only have to look at the success of previous contestants that have been on The X Factor just to see how well they have done and it has done wonders for their career and hopefully it will do the same for mine.

Tee: I tried last year, I think that’s what drove me to push harder and persevere.

Rochelle: I love to sing and even though I’m a registered nurse and a mum I decided challenge myself and go for this competition and I’ve made it this far and I’m really happy with myself and excited I gave it a go.

If you could have anyone as a mentor, who would you pick?

XOX: Beyonce!

Jason: I would actually would have Guy Sebastian because of his singing style.

Caitlyn: It might seem obvious because I’m a country singer but Taylor Swift because she seems to have done really well in the sense of being innovative in the country industry, not only is she a talent but she has got that business mind as well. (Note - later that week she performed Shake It Off as part of the theme of Top 10 Hits).

Who has the quirkiest pre-performance ritual?

Tayzin (Brothers 3): I go around and annoy every other contestant!

Rochelle: That’s what you do when your emotional psyching us out so we don't do too good. (Note – she is joking, although it may have worked as Brothers 3 are still standing…)

What's the atmosphere like before the show?

Dean Ray: I disappear a couple of hours before the show, I am very scarce.

How have you found your skincare with the show?

Rochelle: I like the cleansing cream (from Olay) with the microbeads.

Caitlyn: It's like a bakery on my face so it's good to get it off.

Tee: I actually love it as I am always being retouched. For me it adds on the confidence. If girls can wear makeup, why can't guys?

Reigan: We get our makeup done really early in the day, so sometimes we will be wearing a full face of makeup from 10am all the way until the shows, then after the show when we do more interviews. So makeup artists are putting more and more on you every hour just to take away the shine. So when you get to go home and take it all off, it is such a relief.

Who do you think takes the longest with their beauty routine?

Imagine a flurry of shouting... Tee and Caitlyn!

Dean Ray: I actually don't know what Caitlyn's real face looks like.

Caitlyn: It's PRETTY!

Tee: I wake up like this.

Thanks to The X Factor contestants for their time, the crew for giving me a shot at fame which ultimately made it onto the cutting room floor and Olay!

The X Factor is on tonight on Channel 7, where they will announce the 3 contestants making it into the Grand Final. It's no secret,  I want Reigan Derry to win!

Thanks to Olay for having me as a guest, you can check out of the coverage of the launch here.

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