Miss Universe Australia Costume Competition 2014

Love it or hate it, the National Costume Competition presented by Elucent Skincare this year, seems to be 'controversial' (in the least important way compared to real issues) filled with extreme opinions. This year was no different.

I love a bit of drama – so I’m in the love it camp!

It’s not what you’d wear on a date, around the house or at your wedding. It’s just a costume, and Frankie says relax...

To offset a bit of drama, the costumes were up for a public vote for which of the final four costumes would to grace the stage of the Miss Universe pageant to be held in Miami in November.

Let’s start off with the winning design – I actually voted for this!

The Winner

By: Caitlin Holstock
Inspired by: The Dreamtime as well as the Australian sunset.
My Opinion: Perfect stage presence, striking and different from previous years.

The Crocodile Hunter

By:  Freda Diak
Inspired by: Steve Irwin
My Opinion: When I saw this in photos, it didn't really appeal to me. But in real life? I loved it! The costume features intricate details and textures.

The Flowers

By: Christopher Ditas
Inspired by: Corrugated iron and native flora.
My Opinion: A bit of a Statue of Liberty vibe!

The House

By: Lorelee Prentice
Inspired by: Sydney Opera House
My Opinion: Nothing beats the Sydney Opera House Barbie Doll!

The Girl

Now let’s ‘judge’ this Miss Universe Australia, ay? Miss Tegan Martin is absolutely lovely, gorgeous and I assume she wants world peace. At the end of the day, it is a beauty pageant that shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

The Food

Let’s just say my inner Asian was extremely happy. A massive thank you to Elucent Skincare and Face of Australia for taking care of me!

You can check out coverage from last year's competition here.

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