Sephora Sydney - Exclusive Brands Preview: Aussie Brands

Even though everyone is quite excited at the hoopla of ranging international brands, a major kudos has to be given to Sephora for ranging niche AUSSIE brands!

There were so many brands exclusive to Sephora to check out at their Exclusive Brand Preview event, that unfortunately I didn't have time to check them all out. Let me introduce you to...


Probably the highlight of my night was discovering an Aussie brand called Patricks which unfortunately is a range I can’t really use!

I was so impressed talking to the man himself (yes, his name is Patrick) the former electrician and now haircare extraordinaire whose range of premium men's haircare claims to help minimise the hair loss process and stimulate growth.

Being shallow, I was mostly impressed with the practical yet sophisticated design that I found fascinating to play with (love the clicking sound). Taking inspirations from the Lamborghini as well as the Fibonacci sequence I was visually hooked

Currently, the styling range includes 4 products which vary in strength and finish which are priced at $59.95 each.


Design first, then the actual product. It's an unconventional process but one that seems to work for Leif. The result is a cool, sleek and down to earth look that appeals to both sexes and captures the Aussie aesthetic featuring ingredients including eucalyptus, rosella, and aloe vera,

The range includes body balm, cleanser and hand balms which will retail from $18 to $50. Plus bonus points should be awarded as they don't test on animals.


A range of skincare just for men! It seems to be more aimed at men who would lean towards Abercrombie & Fitch over Dickies... But hey, a face is a face regardless of how perfectly chiseled it is and needs to be taken care of nonetheless.

The range includes a face wash 150ml ($35), face scrub 100ml ($40), face shave 150ml ($40), face calm 50ml ($50) and face hydrate 100ml $65.

In case you are wondering who is the hunk of spunk below, it is the creator's (Anthony McDonough) own partner  #taken.

To salivate over what could potentially be ranged at Sephora check out my coverage of international  brands to be ranged over here or create a wishlist on the Sephora website.

I attended the Sephora Preview as a media guest.

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