Veet Natural Inspirations Launch

At home waxing continues to be my favourite method of hair removal. Thanks to that post-wax smoothness and effectiveness in slowing hair regrowth (compared to shaving). So I do get quite excited by new innovations in this field. #weirdo

Veet is the first ever wax product I used, so I was even more excited to discover their latest range.

Veet's Natural Inspirations range as the name suggests is channeling nature with their new concoctions featuring Shea Butter, Aloe Vera and Grape Seed Oil.

The special guest for the launch was the physically gifted Natasha Oakley, co-creator of A Bikini A Day who clearly knows a thing or two about having great (hairfree) legs.

The range is out now at Priceline and consists of:
Veet’s Natural Inspirations Wax Strips (legs and arms) with Aloe Vera 20 Pack $12.79
Veet’s Natural Inspirations Wax Strips (face, bikini and underarm) with Shea Butter 20 Pack $11.49
Veet’s Natural Inspirations Sugar Wax with Argan Oil 360g $15.49
Veet’s Natural Inspirations Cream with Grape Seed Oil 100ml $9.49
Veet's Natural Inspirations In Shower Cream with Grape Seed Oil 150ml $15.99

Nothing screams 'natural' like gorgeous flowers - enjoy!

While nothing makes me happier than food, drool...

I attended the launch as a media guest.

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