Free Zushi Pop-Up from Toshiba & Intel

FREE Sushi delivered via a Sushi Rollercoaster?

Super Kawaii!!!

So naturally I had to get in on this.

Thanks to Toshiba and Intel, the Zushi pop-up has landed for 3 nights only from 6-9pm at District 01 in Surry Hills which is ridiculously close to Central station. It started Thursday night (October 30), and ends TONIGHT (November 1). You can find out more and get updates via their Facebook page here.

As amazing as the concept of 'free' Sushi is, it does come at the expense of time. Yesterday, I rocked up around 5ish, a good hour before the pop up technically opened... little did I know I was in for a 2 hour wait. So just a word of advice, if you want in be prepared to get there early! Both nights the event was at full capacity by 6.30pm.

When you finally make it inside, you are greeted by a Geisha.

And unconsciously, find yourself giving current patrons the "hurry up, I'm hungry" look. #sorrynotsorry.

Then before you know it, there's a space available for your hiney!

Playing with the tablet, you soon discover 4 delicious choices available...

  1. Sushi
  2. Sashimi
  3. Maki Roll
  4. Salmon Soba (Vegetarian variation of this available)

With a few taps, the order is placed via the tablet, then you just have to wait patiently.

Fortunately, the novelty of the Sushi Roller Coaster did not wear off and is pretty entertaining while waiting for your food. I loved watching the Sushi zoom from the top of the room, around the table and finally landing into the hands of the salary-man who personally gives you your order.

I ordered the Sashimi and in my haste/hunger I didn't take a decent pick of the food. But rest assured, it was fresh, delicious and looked way better than this photo! We were also given a drink, mine was the deliciously Japanese flavour of Fuji Apple.

As you can see below, the meal is substantial but not significant. I walked away satisfied but for those who have a larger appetite, it may not be fulfilling and it's one per person.

This is one of the coolest pop-ups I've ever been too. And to throw out a bit of marketing speak, one of the most interesting and sophisticated 'experiential' consumer experiences I've ever taken part of BUT the waiting... is it worth it? I don't regret it, but if I had known about the 2 hour wait in advance, I wouldn't have been keen to wait it out.

The Zushi Pop UP ends TONIGHT and runs from 6-9pm at District 01 in Surry Hills. You can find out more and get updates via their Facebook page here.

NOTE: This post is NOT sponsored.

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