MBFF Sydney 2014: Designers for Target Runway Show

I am a massive Target advocate, so I was pretty keen for their show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Festival Sydney (see part one here). They just keep getting better in becoming more stylish and catering to smaller sizes. It's getting easier to find a Size 6 in the adult section. #progress

A bit part of Target's transformation is the Designers for Target that sporadically hits stores. It seemed to have been on a bit of a sabbatical, but this year it has come back with a vengeance several collaborations including the major one with Missoni. Unfortunately, this did not hit the runway but what did was Dannii Minogue, Dessert Designs and Gabrielle Brown. Scroll on down to enjoy!

Dannii Minogue

At five feet short, this range is for me.

Even thought Dannii is not a designer, being 157cm (according to Google) she definitely knows about the joys and tribulations of being a technical shortie.

You'd actually be surprised at how difficult it can be at times finding smaller sizes. Target tends to have more 'generous' sizing so I regularly find myself struggling to fit into a size 8 and having to resort to hunting for either a 6 or even a 4 at times!

You can check out the range here.

Dessert Designs

Dessert Designs make their debut at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia only last year... and how quickly they have grown! Having a range at a major department store is a massive achievement and will make their design more affordable for the masses. The range isn't out yet, but keep your eye out.

Gabrielle Brown

Gabrielle Brown, the winner of Target Graduate Design Award has received an enviable boost to the beginning of her career by having a capsule collection ranged in Target. It's out in stores now.

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