Review: Love Lois Subscription Box

Subscription boxes are well and truly a 'thing' now, typically it involves beauty boxes (Bella Box, Lust Have It, Marie Claire's The Parcel) but there's also fashion (Her Fashion Box, Pop Basic) and even flowers (Bloom Box Co.)!

They typically are delivered monthly, now when you start to think what do you actually need every month? It's lady products.

Love Lois is a subscription box to sort out your needs while surfing the crimson wave.

Each box has a feminine name to be a lovely euphemism of how much of a bitch Aunt Flo could be.

Helena = Heavy (Tampons & Pads)
Melina = Medium (Tampons & Pads)
Pandora = Pads
Tabitha = Tampons

I was sent 2 boxes to compare the regular and organic Pandora (Pads) boxes. It's a discreet white box with no blue liquid in sight. Let's open Pandora's box, shall we?

Pandora - Regular

The box isn't as big as you think it is, but it actually contains quite a fair bit!

In the box contains a card which states exactly what's in it:

  • 5 Night Time pads
  • 10 Regular pads
  • 2 Super pads
  • 3 Light pads
  • Chocolate + Herbal tea bags

BUT this is what I actually got:

  • 5 U by Kotex Night pads
  • 10 U by Kotex Regular pads
  • 2 U by Kotex Super pads
  • 5 U by Kotex Panty Liners
  • 3 Lindt Balls
  • Guylian Bar 40g
  • 2 Tea Tonic White Tea & Rose

A few discrepancies, but not a big deal at all. It looks like a few things were substituted for something of a similar level.

Pandora - Organic

This Pandora Organic box also contained a little card stating what would be in the box:

  • 7 Night Time pads
  • 1 box of Day Time pads (plus some extras)
  • 1 box of panty liners (You'll receive a new box every 6 months)
  • Organic chocolate & herbal tea bags

Here's what I actually got:

  • 5 TOM Night Time pads
  • 1 box + 5 extra TOM Regular pads (total = 15)
  • Loving Earth Love Ju Caramel 35g
  • 2 Tea Tonic White Tea & Rose
Nice touch that the chocolate wrapper just happens to match the box!

With this box, there were more noticeable differences between what was stated vs. what I actually got. While the Pandora Regular box seemed to have a fair substitution. I was noticeably  missing the box of panty liners with really nothing substitutable. It could've just meant that I was sent a box meant for months 2-5.


After awhile it looks like girls get a bit fatigued with beauty boxes but this is a box I definitely need every month!

While I will definitely end up using everything in the box (yay?), the cost isn't the most affordable per month as the Pandora Regular costs $22 and the Pandora Organic costs $25. Especially when the contents are easily purchased.

Based on the value of what's in the box itself, it doesn't match the price paid BUT if you include the cost of shipping which is about $7.20 it makes this more worthwhile. Plus you also need to take into account the added benefit of convenience and service. The beauty of this it lets you 'forget' while still being prepared. As there's nothing worse than realising you need 'the stuff' and not having any handy!

I was provided these products for the purpose of a review.

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