SMASH! Cosplay Competition 2014

This year SMASH! was held over 2 days, typically the first day of any convention tends to be busier - which means more Cosplay enjoyment!

This is the competition from Day one, where Cosplayers were publicly acknowledged and awarded for their efforts... my unofficial award is evidently not as prestigious. #notbitter


Judge's Choice: Seraphim from Sakizo

Best Male: Aeron from Pandora's Tower

Best of Show: Lady Thor from Thor

Best Female: Ma Chao from Dynasty Warriors 7

Reika's Choice:  Omiko Hakodate from Kill la Kill

Best Group: Whisper of the Heart

Runner-up Best Group: Sengoku Basara

Best Skit: Fairy Tail

Runner-up Best Skit: Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 2000%

Honourary Mention

*An unofficial acknowledge from me for this epic skit and costume.

Emporio Ivankov from One Piece

You can check out more geeky cosplay coverage here.

I attended SMASH! as a media guest.

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