Glue Summer Party

We're officially into Day 2 of Summer...

What better way than to celebrate the nights getting longer, hems getting shorter and colours getting louder than with a party? Duh.

Glue delivered.

You know it'll be a good party when there are ridiculously good looking humans...

We were invited to check out some of the goods to hit the shelves, with a little ticket would determine your fashionable prize for the night.

There were four booths set up featuring Deus with live screen printing, Levi jackets being customised, All About Eve 'twosie' (matching shorts + top) and guys being decked with The Academy Brand.


Let's take a moment to appreciate my super sweet (stationery) ride... that was featured in the latest Glue catalogue (check out Kombi Weddings)

We were blessed with perfect weather, plus THIS view!

And enormous servings of Summer food - bring on SUMMER!

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