6 Aussie Beauty Brands To Get Patriotic With

Aussie Aussie Aussie!

Oi oi oi!

Let's honour some awesome Aussie beauty brands - what's more patriotic than tending to your narcissistic needs the Aussie way?

Face of Australia

As if you'd ever question where this brand is from! A super sweet range that works and is also crazily affordable. I'm especially a fan of their nail polishes that are $4.95 a pop, and their lip crayons that are only $6.95.

I continue to be a massive advocate of this affordable brand, which has a tendency to absolutely nail it when it comes to nails and lips especially!

The New: Paw Paw $4.95, Lumi-Tint Illuminating Sticks $12.95



I've got sensitive skin and have NEVER experienced a negative reaction using Jurlique products this is across my body and my face. My favourite at the moment is the Jurlique Nourishing Cleansing Oil ($50), which is gentle on my skin and gives me that fresh clean glow.

The New: Clarity Hand Wash 500ml $45, Clarity Hand Lotion 500ml $80


Luma Cosmetics

Fun fact, as a tween I did buy Jess Hart's first cover on Dolly when she was a brunette and was clearly very fortunate that the awkward teens stage never applied to her.

In my quest to get over my 'awkward stage' (it's an ongoing battle, even in adulthood), Luma Cosmetics has seemingly been launched to be an affordable way to get my fix of the supermodel lifestyle... every bit counts, right?

The New: Ashley Hart Brow Duo




Despite the packaging falsey implying that's it's brought to you by the Kiwi's... and yes, I'm totally stereotyping. With their hero product, 101 Ointment being dubbed as the 'nature's wonder moisturiser' how could you not want a piece of this?

The New: 101 Fruities 10g $13.95


Go-To Skincare

This landed on my desk last week and I was ecstatic! I've been wanting to try this brand created by girl boss and my girl crush, Zoe Foster Blake who is well known in the beauty world for being the beauty extraordinaire, and being the Mrs of my favourite half of Hamish & Andy.

With ridiculously gorgeous packaging that completely speaks to my shallow side as well as Zoe's infamous wit and humour all over it, it's a winner in my eyes... #haventusedityetbutcompletelyfangirling

The New: Face Hero



Slip. Slop. Slap!

Proud to say I am getting much better at taking care of my skin, the very shallow reason that it's the best and most affordable anti-aging ever did help.

Sunsense is pretty damn affordable to take care of your skin, for both the body and face. After all the leather look looks much better on a handbag than your own skin!


These products were provided for editorial consideration.

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