Bespoque Skincare Review


One the playground of rich people with access, it's becoming pretty mainstream and way more affordable for us plebs. From swimwear, shoes and jewelry it's becoming more and more accessible. So let me introduce you to Bespoque, where you can design your own skin care, just like rich fancy people.

The level of customisation for a jar of face moisturiser is insane, and going through my 'issues' makes me even more aware of the sheer horror beautiful process of aging.

The customisation process starts off with making it all about the base... Does Light & Hydrating or Rich & Nourishing, tickle your fancy? Then it's onto picking the fragrance Floriade, Rainforest or non at all?

And then the fun really starts with analysing your insecurities...

And based on these concerns, this is then produced where you get to pick features which are important to you.

Just like a car, the most important variable is the colour... and this is the same with my skincare.

And after all that... tah-dah!

The pricing varies depending on which and how many features you choose. Since I'm super paranoid about aging, I naturally picked the formula on the more expensive end of the scale. Depending on your choice it can range anywhere between $36.95 to $69.95 (Updated 4/3/2015) $27.95 to $49.95 for a 50ml jar.

For almost $64, it's pretty pricey for a facial moisturiser, especially from Terry White. But that being said like anything customised there is a premium to pay. Since my skin is quite dry, it was a bit of a silly choice to pick Light & Hydrating over Rich & Nourishing as I feel like I would've gotten more out of this product if I picked the latter. A major plus is that I didn't experience any skin irritations as I've got a lovely case of very sensitive skin.

You can order your very own jar online here. For the moment it looks like it's distributed by Terry White Chemists as a quick search of Sydney postcode 2010, soon proves that's the only stockist.

 This product was provided for the purpose of a review.

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