Review: Cinderella the Movie 2015

It's hard to meet anyone who didn't grow up loving Disney movies...

The Little Mermaid, The Lion King, Aladdin were all pivotal moments in my childhood. (However, the poor excuses for sequels that have tarnished these classics is almost unforgivable.)

But I digress, I remember key scenes from the animated Cinderella, but I can't actually recall if I've ever seen it or not. So attending the blue carpet for the Australian premiere of Cinderella seemed like the perfect opportunity to introduce myself properly to Cinderella.

Let's start with the review shall we?

I loved it.

Even though Cinderella is a kids film, I actually feel like it's more geared towards adults who grew up with Cinderella.

The ultimate highlight of the film is Cate Blanchett. She is absolutely flawless as the Wicked Stepmother. They could honestly not cast this role any better, she really nailed it by that classic wicked smile that would shiver your timbers.

She also had the luxury of having a new outfit in pretty much every scene. Her costumes were stunning, intricate and flattering. The costume department deserve a massive bonus because it really does set the tone for her character in her wicked shade of green.

Meanwhile the star, Cinderella had only about 3 outfits.

Cinderella portrayed by Lily James, is perfectly likeable but a little annoying in the sense of how innocent and overly optimistic she is. She reminds me of a cross between Sandy from Grease and Taylor Swift. But once again, this is a kids film, so I'll let that slide.

The chemistry between Cinderella & Prince Charming is intense... let's just say there was more G rated sexual tension in this Disney film than the entire Fifty Shades of Grey film.

The special effects REALLY were amazing, this was top notch during the transformation via the Fairy Godmother, which delivered the most beautiful pumpkin ever. And THE dress, was just as stunning as you would imagine.

It was the perfect adaptation, as an adult watching the live action interpretation I never felt like it was a childish film that was overly silly or cheesy. Although, it did have a few token cringeworthy/cheesy moments.

Even though the story is entirely predictable as it's a classic, I still found myself engaged the entire time thanks to a beautiful combination of a great storytelling, casting, costumes, special effects & a decent running time. Oh and I loved it so much, I've just happened to see it twice within 2 weeks.

A nice little addition prior to Cinderella was the screening of the short film Frozen Fever which I really enjoyed despite not being a fanatic over Frozen, which includes a new musical number AND a cute little character that would make a perfect soft toy (ka-ching!).

If you're a Disney fan you HAVE to seen this.

Cinderella has been released in Australia TODAY.

 I attended the premiere as a media guest.

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