Review: Rock & Ruddle Hairbrush

Brace yourselves. I have found THE hairbrush.

Growing up I naturally opted for the cheaper brushes. You know the ones that hurt your scalp, the one where the spokes fall out, and just get disgusting pretty quickly.

I also find that sometimes the ones that are very gentle, come at the price of taking longer to brush your hair properly.

But now I have found THE brush that perfectly fuses functionality with being painfree.

Rock & Ruddle are investment brushes that are made from natural boar bristles along with nylon spokes being interspersed to be able to simultaneously brush and detangle gently. Yeah, it's pretty nifty.

These brushes come in distinctive prints, designs and colours so you're pretty much guaranteed a super pretty 'microphone' to sing in front of the mirror with.

Their newish range of prints, consists of animal prints leopard, zebra and snake which is pretty cool to have your hairbrush being able to match your wardrobe. I'd love to see prints like polka dots and chevron joining the lineup, especially if it's in blue and white (not so subtle hint Rock & Ruddle!).

These brushes are out now and are ranged in Australia at David Jones and AMUSE Beauty Studio located at Sydney Airport.

Small Hairbrush $39.95
Large Hairbrush $59.95

These brushes for provided for the purpose of a review.

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Doanerfide said...

I have this problem called laziness.... LOL I rarely brush my hair unless it's the weekend (even then sometimes not!) or if I'm actually going out hehe... my boss always asks me to tame my knots LOL DF xoxo

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