Max Factor Masterclass with Liz Kelsh

I love going to makeup classes it's a handy way to check yo skills as well as be a bit more comfortable with areas that you're not used to...

Like lashes (FYI Thanks to a Glam Masterclass, I am now a pro somewhat adequate lash applier!)...

And this time round, foundation!

My mission was to find a shade that suits me, eradicate those streak marks and avoid looking like my face and my body are different shades of pale.

Thanks to the Aussie ambassador for Max Factor, Liz Kelsh I soon discovered 'my' shade of foundation & it's Beige 55 that suits my light/yellow skin.

A handy tip for a newbie is to pat the foundation on with a foundation brush and then smooth out with fingers to blend and avoid streak marks.

And token food porn from the night...

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