Sydney Brick Show 2015

Everything IS awesome.

If you get that reference, the Sydney Brick Show is most likely your cup of tea. Kids, kidults & chaperones headed in droves to the annual event held in Sydney to admire all that is LEGO.

Let's start with my personal favourite, The Cycle of Black & White by Tim Rogers. I never really expected to look at LEGO and have a moment of reflection, so that was interesting...

But this creative depiction of life in the most 'fun' way, I found captivating & loved how colour was used to depict the somewhat predictable stages of life.

I tend to snap what I'm intrigued with... so be prepared to be visually assaulted with bursts of colour primarily inspired by pop culture.

To get your LEGO fix, the Sydney Brick Show will make an appearance at the David Jones Sydney CBD store from 19 to 27 September 2015 and you can purchase tickets here.

You can find out more about the event here.

I attended the Brick Show as a media guest.

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Unknown said...

I have always enjoyed brick shows not only in Sydney but a few other cities too that hold them annually or depending on occasions. They do not only cater to children but are also perfect for adults too because their visual displays give inspirations to everyone in terms of artistic views and ideas.

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