Review: Spiegelworld's Absinthe in Sydney

The Spiegeltent is back!

This year Spiegelworld is presenting Absinthe in Australia which is ending it's national tour this Sunday (October 25, 2015), following it's brilliant run of Empire in 2014.

Entering the Spiegeltent is exciting, it is gorgeously detailed and intimate with a small circular stage in the centre.

To know what you could be in for, Spiegelworld shows are essentially a variety show/adult circus which is due to 2 key reasons;

1. The performers are all adults and no animals are involved.
2. The incredibly adult humour including a bit of nudity. Yeah, so don't bring children.

Each act has a unique talent and there's a good chance that you wouldn't have seen these at your typical circus or show. There's a lot of fun when watching and eventually discovering what each act's talent is, so I'm going to keep the spoilers very brief.

Let's start with my personal highlight - Los Dos Tacos a duo from Belarus who effortlessly zip and zag on the highbar which really was riveting the whole time they were on stage. It was full of energy and 'wow' moments, and have to give them on their kudos on their fashion sense of jeans and a white t-shirt, a truly classic look.

An act that I had never heard of before, was the 'balloon strip'... which is literally stripping with a giant ballon which on screen sounds absurd but in real life is oddly fascinating and definitely entertaining!

So what was it like seeing Absinthe?

If you enjoy distasteful humour as well as have an appreciation of eye candy and the occasional bout of nudity (both sexes are catered for!), then safe to say you'll enjoy it.

If you've already seen Empire, you'l still enjoy this show but more than likely based on my personal taste, Empire stood out more. To be fair, I rated Empire VERY highly, you can check out my review here.

There is a healthy dose of audience participation... nothing to be worried about unless you're in the front row and if you're broke like me, that ain't even a problem.

I recommend getting there about 20-30 minutes before the show to enjoy the atmosphere and the outdoor bar, they even have a cute tent set up with a working record player! As well as use that opportunity to go to the bathroom before the show as it runs for 90 minutes with no interval.

Absinthe is currently playing at Hyde Park (corner of Park and College streets) in Sydney and ends it's Australian run THIS SUNDAY October 25, 2015 with the following shows left on the tour:

Tuesday / Wednesday - 8:00pm

Thursday - 7.30pm

Friday / Saturday - 7:30pm and 9:30pm

Sunday - 5:00pm & 7:00pm

You can purchase tickets here and find out more information here.

Images are courtesy of Absinthe and were shot by Mark Turner.

I attended the show as a media guest.

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