Ghost the Musical now in Sydney

Oooohhhhhh my loveeee....

The musical Ghost, based on the classic film starring Patrick Swayze & Demi Moore has now landed in Sydney after it's run in Adelaide and Melbourne!

Based on the 1990 Oscar nominated film Ghost, the story captures the unique love story of Sam and Molly who are torn apart after Sam is murdered and becomes a ghost who seeks to avenge his death.

Ghost is definitely one of the best musical adaptions of a film I've seen (and I've seen a fair few!), it's full of passion, romance, comedy and action. The best moments were thanks to the intelligent and surprising use of digital projections, especially in an action packed subway scene that really was the best example of how to make the use of digital flawlessly integrate with the stage as well as the smart use of 'illusions' throughout the show.

However, these highs were also met with disappointment in other scenes where the digital projections were overly noisy, distracting & just didn't work with cheap graphics similar to the style of Dance Dance Revolution that just felt out of place and an unfortunate distraction from what was actually occurring on the stage itself especially during the 'we're in New York so let's act super busy' portion of the show.

Rob Mills as Sam and Jemma Rix as Molly had electric chemistry and can obviously carry a tune very well to land their starring roles. But the true star of the night was Wendy Mae Brown who's task it was to be the loud Oda Mae Brown originally played by Whoppi Goldberg who even won an Oscar for the role! A clear scene stealer, crowd pleaser and a welcome comic relief from the otherwise emotional story.

If you're not the type to typically go to musicals, this would probably one of the best to try to tempt your palette! Ghost is playing in Sydney until May 14, then starts it's run in Perth from May 21.

For more information and to get the tickets head to the Ghost the musical website here.

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