YSL BEAUTÉ Night Proof Foundation Launch in Sydney

What better way to celebrate YSL BEAUTÉ's first ever Night-Proof Foundation than with a par-tay! Held at the chic Ovolo Woolloomooloo in Sydney, despite being a mouthful to pronounce it was the perfect location to put the foundation to the test!

Makeup stations were available to have our make up done and conveniently be matched with the ideal shade of YSL's All Hours Foundation as well as have a play with their products (the Kiss and Blush is amazing!).

The best thing about luxe brands is the fact there is typically more shades available and you are more likely to find the right shade for you. Myself and @lilynotlouise (pictured below) happened to be the same shade which was B 30 Almond. 

So with the new foundation successfully on my face, I was ready for an 'endless' night to put it to the test. So what did I decide to do?


After all the shenanigans of pretending not to be phased by the food but not so subtlety accepting every single canapé offered my way and then taking numerous pics with the squad/gang/mafia (thanks to the lovely ladies from Social Playground putting up with us), it was time to call it a night when...

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the night literally ended with a bang!

A big thank you to YSL for inviting me and be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can see what's happening in almost real-time!

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